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Three badass patches from “Killer Innovations,” where horsepower roars and freedom reigns:

1. Red, Black, and Grey Patch – Unleashed Power:

  • This patch is a bold symbol of innovation’s unbridled power, epitomizing the untamed spirit of freedom that comes with pushing boundaries.

2. Killer 80s Themed Patch – Nostalgic Rebellion:

  • Take a wild ride back to the ’80s with this patch, where audacious creativity broke all constraints. It’s a bold statement that innovation knows no limits.

3. Earth Tones Patch – Nature’s Warrior:

  • A badge of honor for those who innovate in harmony with nature, forging a path where progress and preservation coexist. It’s a testament to your commitment to a more sustainable world.

These patches are your battle scars of horsepower and freedom. Choose one, and wear it as a fearless symbol of your unyielding spirit in the relentless pursuit of innovation.

– PVC patches with hook backing



3 reviews for Morale Patch

  1. AMD (verified owner)

    Killer 80s patch is good size, feels high quality and the colors are vivid.

  2. Cody Sanchez (verified owner)

    Awesome throwback style patch, popping colors

  3. douglas.boutemy (verified owner)

    High quality patch

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