Killer Innovations is more of a culture and a family than a regular business. We are a tight knit team that strives every single day to engineer and produce products that change the way precision firearm parts are made and how they perform. We are always looking for the newest technology and tools to improve manufacturing processes and accuracy. If we can’t find the solutions we need, we engineer and build them ourselves! Our state of the art facility is ever improving and evolving into a facility that exceeds all expectations. Every single product that Killer Innovations produces is 100% American made. We are committed to this standard and will never outsource work overseas to simply save a buck.

We completely conceptualize, design, engineer and develop many products for our industry partners. OEM or Black label products are the bulk of our business. It is likely you own and use many of our products and don’t even know it! We are fully committed to, and very selective of, our industry partners. We bring not only state of the art manufacturing to the table, but a turnkey package that delivers unique and innovative product designs. We strive for long term relationships that grow and flourish together.

Our latest mission is to start releasing our own products under the Killer Innovations brand. We are focusing in on the long-range precision shooting and the precision pistol and carbine markets. Our designs are revolutionizing these industries with solutions that not only improve accuracy, but look amazing without breaking the bank.

Our customers are our first priority. If you ever have an issue or question about a Killer innovations product, please contact us and we will make sure you are taken care of.

Killer Innovations……. Raising the bar by which all others will be judged!