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Our Velocity line is where we started it all. The pinnacle of function and design.  What does velocity mean to us? It means shake the foundation of innovation. If you are not innovating, you are playing a losing game. Every product we design and develop, innovating and improving it comes first.  Strict tolerance and quality assurance is a top priority when building Velocity products. The detail in these products is unparalleled and the machining technology used to develop Velocity SPT barrels is approaching legendary status. Killer Innovations has deployed the entirety of its design and development power when it comes to our Velocity products.

Velocity for glock


Velocity for CZ

Improve your EDC.

Velocity for Sig

Expect More From Your Firearm.


Sancer products focus on extremely tight tolerance and quality assurance and use the same high-quality materials we manufacture our Velocity line with. Sancer has a more elemental design, prioritizing the essentials. When it comes to Sancer, Killer Innovations is invested in delivering top level accessories.

Sancer for Glock

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