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“Experience the power of innovation with the Velocity line from Killer Innovations. As the foundation of our brand, Velocity represents the pinnacle of design and functionality. We believe that constant innovation is key to success and make it our top priority in every Velocity product we develop.

Our strict quality control and precision manufacturing processes ensure that every Velocity product is made to the highest standards. The unmatched machining technology used in the creation of our Velocity SPT barrels is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Trust in the expertise of our entire design and development team, who have dedicated their efforts towards making the Velocity line the best it can be. Discover the difference innovation makes with Velocity from Killer Innovations.”

Velocity for glock


Velocity for CZ

Improve your EDC.

Velocity for Sig

Expect More From Your Firearm.


Elevating Your Shooting Experience with Precision Accessories

Sancer specializes in crafting precision accessories that prioritize the essentials. With extremely tight tolerances and rigorous quality assurance, our products deliver peak performance and lasting durability. Our elemental design philosophy means that we don’t believe in adding unnecessary frills to our accessories. Instead, we focus on delivering the quality and reliability that discerning customers demand. Like our popular Velocity line, Sancer accessories are crafted from high-quality materials and made in the USA. At Killer Innovations, we’re committed to delivering top-level accessories that elevate your shooting experience, and the Sancer line is no exception.

Experience the difference that precision engineering and quality manufacturing can make. Choose Sancer and take your shooting to the next level.

Sancer for Glock

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