State of the Art Machining

Killer Innovations understands that using the latest in machining technology is extremely important and valuable for manufacturing top quality products. Our machine shop utilizes only the very best CNC equipment and tooling available. By adhering to this standard, we ensure the highest precision and the most efficient machining processes in the firearm industry. By purchasing all of our equipment new, we know how well each machine has been maintained and its accuracy. High quality equipment and materials equals high quality products!

Precision Inspection

Killer Innovations adheres to a comprehensive and strict quality assurance inspection program. Using fully automated inspection equipment known as CMM machines, we can accurately measure each feature of a part down to the micron level. Every part also goes through a thorough visual inspection before it is allowed to be packaged and leave the facility. You will find our quality is second to none thanks to our dedicated crew and state of the art inspection equipment!

Engineering and Machine Programming

Almost every product Killer Innovations produces is designed and developed in house. We use the latest in 3D modeling software, CAM Software, and verification software in our process. This powerful software allows us to create each product with the functionality, strength, and aesthetics required for a winning combination.