Killer Innovations Tool-less Glock Brake and Barrel

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If you’ve been frustrated with carefully aligning and affixing a comp or brake to your Glock with a set screw, Killer Innovations has something for you. Unveiled at TriggrCon 2018, their clever new Glock Brake and Glock Barrel work together to provide you with a toll-less, perfectly aligned system.

The brake attaches to a threaded barrel in such a way to seat securely against the shoulder of the barrel and preserve concentricity, while aligning perfectly when used with Killer Innovation’s barrel. The brake slips over the end of the barrel, while the locking ring threads on and fully seats the brake against barrel’s shoulder. The teeth on the outside of the ring ratchet and lock it in place. Simply depress the button below to release the ring. This attachment method ensures that the brake remains perfectly concentric with the bore. When installed on the matching barrel, set screws on the side of the brake slot into the notches on the barrel to ensure the brake is perfectly aligned.