SIG P320 Slide: new upgrade(s) from Killer Innovations

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Killer Innovations is about to expand two things: 1) their Velocity line of products, and 2) their offering of SIG p320 upgrades. Next up in both: the Killer Innovations SIG P320 custom slide. We’re told to anticipate their release within the next two weeks.

SIG P320 Slide – Red Dot Ready

As with the aftermarket Glock slides and CZ P10C that preceded it, the new slide will handle both the Trijicon RMR and Leupold Delta Point Pro right out of the gate. It’s not the first P320 red dot slide we’ve seen, after all the SIG P320 RXP handgun series centers around an optic: SIG’s own Romeo.

Not everyone wants to run a Romeo, however. And, let face it, there’s an undeniable level of aesthetics involved. 

You can argue whether cuts, texturing, and design differences in a slide (or barrel, etc.) will improve a weapon’s potential performance. That sort of argument happens all the time — and will continue. What you cannot argue is aesthetics. 

Let’s face it, putting Killer Innovations accessories on his gun would make Jim Pfaffenbach look cool, much less you

SIG P320 Upgrades

So let’s address the idea of “upgrade”. Asked why someone might want to upgrade a SIG P320C in the first place, KI responds,

One reason might be you want more than the simple serrations on your front and rear of your slide. The new Velocity SIG Slide has KI’s Enhanced Grip Feature (EFG) cuts. These will change the way you rack your firearm. EGF cuts provide a positive wall that you can push against when racking your slide, instead of upon just the traditional serration cuts of an off-the-shelf weapon. EGF cuts are located at the front and back of our slide, so however you prefer to rack your firearm, a perfect grip is always there.