Killer Innovations CZP10 Slide Q&A

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Killer Innovations offered us a quick Q&A covering their upcoming slide for the CZP10.

Why CZP10?

We chose to go after the CZP10 aftermarket because we believe in the design and functionality of the CZP10 design. We thought we could add to it and make it one of the absolute best pistols on the market. The CZ is nearly there on its own, that made it an easy decision for us to add a little Killer Innovations touch.

What is different about our slide?

Our slides design can speak for itself, however as cool and unique as it looks. There is purpose driven behind the design. All our slides feature the E.G.F. cuts, “Enhanced Grip Features”. This gives the operator the most positive engagement on a slide you can get. Functional reliability is our focus above all else.