Color Variations

Due to differences in metal composition and finishing processes, Killer Innovations cannot guarantee exact color matches among our accessory items.  We work closely with our different finishing vendors to keep them as close as possible, but there will always be variations from batch to batch, primarily with the gold color, which is especially tricky.  We are also working across different materials that require different finishing processes altogether, which may not match exactly.

Our barrels are made from 416R Stainless Steel material and finished with PVD coatings such as TiN (gold), MDC (gray) or DLC (black) for the hard, resistant finish necessary for the barrel.

The compensators are made from 7075 aluminum and anodized in black, gold or gray.

The rest of the accessories – triggers, base pads, magazine extensions, magwells, etc. – are made from 6061 aluminum and anodized in the various colors.

We utilize some different techniques and make every attempt to get all of the colors, particularly the gold colors, as close as possible across the different materials, processes, vendors and batches, but there may be slight hue or matte/shine differences between parts, batches, and the different finishes.  The anodized 6061 parts are typically more of an orange gold and more matte than the TiN finished barrels and the anodized 7075 compensators, which are generally a brighter, shinier gold.