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Velocity Mag Extensions

Due to Bill 5078, we are no longer able to sell our Velocity Mag Extensions. Please read more below.

Some of you are aware we are based in Tumwater, Washington. A state which recently passed the Unconstitutional Bill 5078 which bans the sale and possession of “High Capacity Magazines”

This Bill also effects our ability to manufacture one of our top selling accessories, the Velocity Mag Extension.

As of July 1st:

Killer Innovations will no longer be able to build or sell the Velocity Magazine Extensions.

We recommend at this time to stock up on the velocity extensions in the unfortunate event we are unable to find a way to continue to offer this product. We are deploying all of our resources to find a way to continue to provide our customers with this product. 

Killer Innovations will continue to stand up for our rights, especially our 2A rights! 

Thank you to our Industry Friends, Sons of Liberty, Aero Precision, Weapons Outfitters, for standing with us at the Captial to protest this bill.