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Killer Innovations is proud to present our competition rings. These rings are precisely machined to provide the shooter with a rock solid mounting platform which is not disturbed by the force of recoil. The rings are machined from bar stock 6061 Aluminum and mil spec hard coat anodized. All hardware is blackened stainless steel for superior corrosion resistance.

The precision machining process and the fact our rings are kept as a matched set from machining to packaging, mean the need for lapping is virtually eliminated.

Our rings set themselves apart from the competition by including pins which guide the top halves of the rings onto the ring bodies. The pins prevent one side of the rings from being over tightened and damaging the optic.
30mm                                                       34mm
LOW = .297″ (3.30 oz.)                  LOW = .967″ (3.52 oz.)

MED = .406″ (3.62 oz.)                  MED = 1.236″ (4.22 oz.)

HIGH = .709″ (4.42 oz.)                 HIGH = 1.383″ (4.64 oz.)

X HIGH = .805″ (4.68 oz.)              XHIGH = 1.497″ (4.96 oz.)